Yoga on the Lane, for Painthouse


As a brand ambassador for Painthouse interior paints I turned to them earlier this year when curating the interior for Yoga on The Lane. Their paint is toxin free and their range of colours unrivalled.

In the reception area, I chose Bea for its warmth, light-heartedness and charm. I love how this pastel peach works with greenery and how it pops against the exposed brick. With Bea facing out on to the street, passersby are drawn in by its welcoming peachy glow.


The changing rooms and chill-out area are located downstairs in the basement where there is very little natural light. With low light spaces people tend to try hard to brighten them up, which I find generally only accentuates the lack of light. I believe that you should work with what a space has to offer and not push against what is. Keen to keep things deep and rich I went with Sienna in the changing rooms and Anders in the chill out area. I love how these colours work in low light, they really do create a space for grounding before and after a yoga class. Despite their vibrancy, there is something very soothing about these two colours and coupled together they create an almost oceanic feel, in a good way.


Colour can often carry with it an emotion or a charge. In the studio itself it was important to keep things neutral. People come to yoga to move their bodies but also to empty their minds of thought for a little while through meditation. Therefore, I did not want to use anything too stimulating in this room. Eliza was the exact mix of calm, neutral sophistication I was looking for.


For my final pop of colour I chose Joseph, how could I resist this minty pastel, especially when we share the same name! I put Joseph in the bathroom at the end of the studio where his sweetness is accentuated by Eliza's subtlety. There is a humour in this colour, like a little sweetie attached to the studio, reminding people to not take themselves too seriously.

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Joseph Yanaku